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Hope's Way is a FREE recreation center for special needs children and their families. This includes physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged individuals of all ages. Though we are for special needs we encourage field trips from schools or youth groups. Activities include horse and pony rides, hay rides, stagecoach rides and much more.

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Our history

Organized in January of 2002, Hope's Way is a central Indiana not for profit recreation center whose mission is to provide a cost-free place of recreation and respite for special needs children and their families from underserved communities.

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Special needs

Our "special needs" umbrella includes children who are: At risk,health impaired,physically disabled,developmentally disabled,from low-income families,children of incarcerated parents,families of deployed military

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Don't throw anything out! Before you get rid of things for good, look at Hope's Way's Wish List

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Hope's way grows day by day thanks to the kind heart of blessed people. Thank you very much.

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If you would like to volunteer for Hope's Way please contact Rick and Liz by going to the Contact Us section. We could especially use help every third Saturday from April through October to run the Teddy Bear Picnic. Thank you.


To enhance the quality of life, health and emotional well being of children and their families from surrounding communities, who have special needs, by providing a cost-free place of respite, directed recreation and family centered activities.

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